AOSSOME is not just another hosting company but we like to consider ourselves Technology Consultations. The reason that is, is because we just don't want to buy someone's VPS then start hosting dockerized images for gaming servers or trying to just resell VPS services from another company but with, you can start to feel relaxed because we strive to find you the best price for the best services no matter who operates the hardware (your choice of pick also). Our team searches for other businesses who uses and manages their own hardware for services so that we can spend more time providing support and content to help you expand. While we hunt for the best techniques to save you money, you might be wondering "where does the consulting part come in?". is here to not just provide services but help you expand your services so you can do more but also help you with the process of setting up services so that we can help you get everything running smoothly and with ease.

Server Deployments for Station Based Computing Machines Initiative

("SDSBCMI") is a new project by the team in which we are working on directing you to open sourced software that you can use on your own without us. Rather it be personal or commercial, we want to be your guide to providing the best of the best of quality to you so that you can expand your assets that will help build better services for consumers or just yourself. The initiative is made so you can build dedicated server racks and machines that will help power computers for businesses to use or to use as a business.